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2003 US Grand National Watercross Championship Team Competition

The 2003 US Grand National Watercross Championships is proud to continue to offer the 2003 Team Competition. The US Grand National Watercross Championship "Team Competition" was created to add some excitement to the tour and to generate camaraderie between the US Grand National Watercross Championship participating riders, teams, dealers and performance shops and find out which has the best overall race team. The competition is meant to bring all riders sponsored by a particular team together and show that all riders are an important part of that team.

Rules and Regulations

Any dealer, aftermarket company or independent team is eligible to enter their team in the Team Competition. No manufacturer teams will be allowed. There is no cost to enter the Team Competition. The rules are simple. Each team will be allowed to include up to five racers as part of their team. If a rider races in more than one class (i.e.: Expert Runabout 800 Superstock and Expert Runabout 800 Limited) he/she can be listed twice on a Team for the two separate classes and would count as two riders. A rider can also be listed on another Team as well (i.e.: Team ABC for Expert Runabout 800 Limited and Team XYZ for Expert Runabout 800 Superstock), but cannot be listed on two Teams for the same class.

Team rosters must be submitted to Hammertime Promotions by May 19, 2003 and cannot be changed in the middle of the season. The standard IJSBA point system will be used (i.e.: 1st 60 pts, 2nd 53 pts, 3rd 48 pts, etc.). The US Grand National Watercross Championships will track and tabulate the points earned by each team throughout the year and promote it through the Internet.

Team awards will be awarded to the top 3 teams at the end of the season. Team names must be approved.

For more information, please contact us at: Hammertime Promotions 1328 W. Main St. Carmel, IN 46032 (317)-846-0789 Phone (317)-846-0789 Fax email






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