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IJSBA Requirements

The 2003 US Grand National Watercross Championships is sanctioned and governed by the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA). All participants must be a current IJSBA competition member and present proof of valid membership in order to compete. IJSBA competition memberships are $55 per year or a single event membership can be purchased for $10. Participants can join at the races or may obtain a membership application by calling the IJSBA at 1-800-964-5722. Participants must be 16 years old to compete at IJSBA sanctioned events. In the interest of safety, IJSBA rules require that all watercraft receive a complete safety inspection before being allowed on the water. All watercraft must have an approved rubber nose bumper, properly working lanyard, bow eyes removed, IJSBA approved intake grates and sponsons, all fuel lined zip-tied and no loose handle grips. In addition, all participants must have an approved full-face helmet and life vest in order to compete. Wetsuits, protective footwear and eyewear are highly recommended.

Race Numbers

All riders must have two sets of race numbers with the correct color backgrounds on their boat - one on each side in the front of the watercraft. The numbers must be black, at least 7 inches high, and spaced inch apart. Standard numbers without shading or outlying must be used. We will no longer try to score you if your race number is not easily identifiable. If we can not read your number you will not be scored. Race numbers and backgrounds are for sale at the race support trailer if you need them.

Event Sign In

Whether pre-registered on not, every participant is required to check in, sign the waiver and release and get a wrist band. This includes all racers, holders and mechanics. Event check-in is between 7:00 AM until 7:30 AM.

Rider's Meeting

It is mandatory that all participants attend the published rider's meeting each day that you will be racing. The rider's meeting normally takes place at 8:00 am each morning. Roll call will be taken to insure that everyone's smiling faces will be seen bright and early each morning. A $10 fine will be charged to all riders that do not attend the rider's meeting. A Freestyle rider's meeting will be held at 12:00 noon on Sunday at the main stage at each event. At that time we will draw for position. Riders who do not attend the Freestyle meeting will go first.

Pre-Race Safety Inspection

Every participant is required to have his/her boat tech inspected. Tech Inspection is from 7:00 am - 8:00 am. Tech Inspection is to check to see if your boat is safe to go on the water not to see if it is legal for class participation. Please bring your boats to the beach along with your tether, helmet and life vest. You must be with your boat for it to be inspected. Have your hoods open, handle poles up and seats or hoods removed. Your boat must be tech inspected before you will be allowed to practice. Here are some of the things we are checking: grips secured and do not turn, battery cables secured, zip-ties on all fuel lines, bow eyes removed, bumpers are in place and approved helmet and life vest. We also will check to make sure that your tether works properly and that your idle has been turned down.

Post-Race Tech Inspection

Every participant who finishes the race and receives the checkered flag must immediately proceed to the tech inspection area and submit watercraft for inspection. Failure to submit yourself and your personal watercraft for inspection may cause you to be disqualified.


White Flag The white flag is displayed when there is 10 minutes left in the race. This flag will remain displayed until the race is completed.

Checkered Flag The checkered flag signals that the race is completed. All riders should report to the technical inspection area.

Black Flag This is the consulting flag. Riders are to report directly to the Race Director.

Red Flag Waved after a bad start or if an injured rider is blocking the course and can not be safely removed from the course. Riders should stop racing and return to the starting line.

Yellow Flag The yellow flag warns of safety hazard on course. Riders are to continue racing, but proceed with caution.

Blue with Yellow Stripe Flag This flag signals that a rider is being overtaken and lapped by a faster rider. The slower rider must make way for the overtaking rider to pass safely.


Huge colorful buoys are used to indicate turns in the racecourse. The 2003 US Grand National Watercross Championships also uses long hot-dog inflatable to mark the merge lane from the split course.

Red Buoy A red buoy indicates a left turn. Two or more red buoys may be put in a line to form a large sweeping left-hand turn.

Yellow Buoy A yellow buoy indicates a right turn. Two or more yellow buoys may be put in a line to form a large sweeping right-hand turn.

Checkered Buoys Checkered buoys indicate the Start/Finish line. A rider must pass through these buoys for a lap to be counted.

White/Other Color Buoys White buoys are used to mark the outside lane of a racecourse utilizing a two-lane split start. White buoys are also used to mark turns on the Slalom event and to mark the merge lane in the case of a "split" type racecourse. Long "hot-dog" inflatable are also used to establish a merge lane on a split-type racecourse. Other Color buoys are often used on the outside of the racecourse to control boat traffic from entering the racecourse.

2003 US Grand National Watercross Championship WEEKEND SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Rounds 5, 6 listed below. Rounds 1 & 2, and 3 & 4, all classes will run each day.

Saturday Events

All Novice Closed Course Qualifying & Final Events Novice Slalom Novice Slalom Saturday Schedule of Events

  7 am -  8 am Technical Inspection & Rider Check In
  8 am -  8 am Mandatory Riders Meeting
  8:30am - 10 am Closed Course Practice
10 am - 12 noon Slalom Course Open for all Novice Classes
10 am -  1 pm Slalom Course Open for all Novice Classes
  1 pm - end Finals Closed Course
  7:00pm - Awards Ceremony

Sunday Events

Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am & Pro Closed Course Qualifying and Final Events Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am Slalom Events Amateur Freestyle Sunday Schedule of Events

  7 am -  8 am Technical Inspection & Rider Check In
  8 am -  8:30 am Mandatory Riders Meeting
  8:30am - 10 am Closed Course Practice
10 am - 12 noon Slalom Course Open
10 am -  1 pm Closed Course Qualifying
  1 pm -  2 pm Amateur Freestyle
  2 pm - end Closed Course Finals
  6 pm - Awards Ceremony 8 pm - Racer's Party

For more information on the 2003 US Grand National Watercross Championships, contact Jacque Bryant at (317) 846-0789




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