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<06/22/05> IJSBA News - IJSBA Officials of Board of Directors Elected.
Joe Heim of Kawasaki elected Chairman of the Board. 
<06/22/05> IJSBA News - Hydrospace S4 is Homologated
The Hydrospace S4 (naturally aspirated) is now eligible to compete in IJSBA sanctioned events. 
<06/22/05> USGNWC News - The U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships to have XM Radio!  The USGNWC will be rockin and rollin this summer as it will have XM Radio as the music source all weekend long at it's races. 
<06/20/05> USWRA News - USWRA News Bulletin 05.09 - 2005 USWRA Triple Crown - For 2005, the USWRA will be recognizing a Triple Crown series with a bit of a twist that incorporates regional racing and World Finals.   >>  (pdf)
<06/18/05> Race Tech / Rotax Racing - New ECU for the RXP.  Attn: RXP racers Rec riders. Race Tech/Rotax Racing has a new ECU for the RXP designed with stock class racing in mind.  >>
<06/12/05> Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup News - Skat-Trak to give away Special Awards for the 2005 Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup. Skat-Trak joins the list of prestigious list of sponsors that will be giving away special awards at this years 2005 Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup.  >>
<06/01/05> International News - The “Corona Extra” European Tour
Complete Tour Information.  There is some very interesting reading in this Press Release 
<06/01/05> USWRA News - Scott Frazier resigns from the USWRA
USWRA Response - USWRA News Bulletin 05.08 
>>  (pdf)
<05/30/05> IJSBA News - Scott Frazier Elected to IJSBA Board of Directors - The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is pleased to announce that the first Director representing the racers was elected to serve on the 2005 IJSBA Board of Directors.  >>
<05/30/05> USWRA News - USWRA Supercourse Pacesetter Program
USWRA News Bulletin 05.07

The USWRA Supercourse Pacesetter Program is an opportunity for participants to be involved in a National Handicap Ranking System. 
>>  (pdf)
<05/30/05> Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup News - The 2005 Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup will be broadcast LIVE on the Internet!  That's right LIVE!  This year's Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup will feature a LIVE Video Web Broadcast showcasing all 3 Main Events.  >>
<05/15/05> USWRA News - New Contact Information for the USWRA.  If you need USWRA Membership Information, or just have a question in general you can now email Donna Bryant at
<05/11/05> USGNWC News - Vin Danaher to be Co-Announcer for the 2005 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships.  >>
<05/07/09> USWRA News - USWRA announces Team Competition for 2005.  For 2005, the USWRA will be recognizing Team Competition at USWRA events starting May 2, 2005. This is an opportunity for riders to race in their individual races as they normally do and to combine their scores together for a total team score for the day. USWRA News Bulletin 05.06 - Team Competition >> (pdf)  USWRA Team Competition Form  >>  (doc) email form  here  or Fax (714) 751-8609
<05/05/05> Race Tech / Rotax Racing - Coming soon from Race Tech!  A fully programmable ignition for the Kawi SXR 800. This laptop programmable ignition is fully adjustable for timing curve and rev limiter.  >>  (pdf)
<05/03/05> IJSBA News - Hydrospace Joins the IJSBA - The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is pleased to announce that Hydrospace GmbH. of Pöchlarn, Austria has formally joined the IJSBA as the newest Personal Watercraft Manufacturer Member.  >>
<05/01/05> IJSBA News - Download the 2005 Rulebook
The complete 2005 IJSBA competition rulebook is available for download online. 
>>   New Rulebook Procedures
In lieu of the past issues that have risen due to the late publication of the IJSBA Rulebook over the past years, the IJSBA will implement a new policy for rule procedure.  >>
<05/01/05> Race Tech / Rotax Racing - I am pleased to announce the new path of Rotax Racing. Due to huge growth in business, and the need of a larger space, I have moved the business from under the roof of Cal Jet Performance and gone on my own as a stand alone venture to focus on high performance PWC development.  >>
<04/28/05> USWRA News Bulletin
USWRA News Bulletin 05.05
2005 Proposed Rule Changes 
>>  (pdf)
<04/27/05> USGNWC News - U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships releases Event Information.  Get General Race Site Information, Hotel Information, Directions, Event Schedules, and much more.  >>
<04/24/05> USWRA News Bulletin
USWRA News Bulletin 05.03
1-Day Junior USWRA Memberships
USWRA News Bulletin 05.04
Junior Class Details 
<04/23/05> USWRA News - The USWRA Top100 Rankings Improved for 2005.  For the 2005 Season the USWRA has a New and Improved Top100 Ranking System it will implement.  >>
<04/17/05> IJSBA News - IJSBA - Where are we going?  Pro-class racing is the sizzle of IJSBA personal watercraft competition, receiving majority of the magazine and television coverage.  >>
<04/16/05> Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup News - AL Kleinknecht and the City of Harbor Beach gives out Annual Ambassador Awards.  While standing on the beach during the Can-Am Event, I kept hearing people talking about how one individual was hitting the ramp jump as if there was no tomorrow.  The crowds were cheering as this individual kept up his total disregard for his own safety and kept the crowd on their feet through out the competition.  >>  (pdf)
<04/14/05> Sea-Doo Today - SEA-DOO BACK ON THE TRACK WITH 2005 SEA-DOO BOUNTY!
Sea-Doo Bounty Program >> (pdf)
Sea-Doo Bounty Payout  >> (pdf)
Sea-Doo Redemption Form  >> (pdf)
<04/11/05> IJSBA News - IJSBA Competition Rulebook - 2005 Rule Summary Available NOW.  >>
2005 IJSBA World Finals -
Participant Allocations United States.
  Costa Mesa, Calif. (March 10, 2005) – The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) announced today the details for U.S. riders to qualify for the 2005 World Finals.  >>
IJSBA Board of Directors Elections
- 2005 IJSBA Board of Directors - Nomination and Voting Process for Rider Representative.  >>
<04/04/05> USGNWC News - U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships releases 2005 Competition Guide.  The U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships has released it's Competition Guide for 2005.  Get all your Racing Information on some of the Hottest Race Sites in the country.

2005 Full Competition Guide with pictures (1.1 mg) 17 pages >>  (pdf)
2005 Competition Guide Text Only (printable version) (267 kb) 15 pages  >>  (pdf)

<03/31/05> IJSBA News - Junior Ski Class Participation Details.  The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) announced today the details for participation in the Junior Ski classes for the 2005 World Finals.  >>
<03/26/05> USGNWC News - U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships has released it's 2005 Racing Schedule  >>
<03/24/05> USGNWC News - 2005 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships announces 3 moto system.  The U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships has announced it will be using a 3 moto system for a few selected Classes for the 2005 Season.
<03/21/05> Cal-Jet / Rotax Racing News - 300+ hp closed course engine from Rotax Racing.  Here it is folks. the first photo of the 300+ hp closed course engine from rotax racing.  >>
<03/19/05> USWRA News - USWRA News Bulletin 05.02
Acceptance of APBA Memberships or 1-Day Memberships 
>> (pdf)
<03/19/05> USWRA News - USWRA News Bulletin 05.01 - Rider Refusing Post-Race Technical Inspection  >> (pdf)
<03/17/05> USWRA News - USWRA announces New M Board.  In an effort to improve communication between it's promoters and riders, the USWRA is releasing a New Message Board for 2005.  >>
<03/14/05> USWRA News - USWRA - Statement of Facts - Powered by Promoters for its Members - As Prepared by Jacque Bryant, Jim Delzer, Scott Frazier and USWRA Advisory Members   >>  (pdf)
<03/14/05> New Racing School - Racers Edge - New Watercross Racing School - Racers Edge is being offered as a free watercross racing school starting in the spring. Our goal is to expose jetski racing, increase racers, increase spectators, and more sponsor involvement.  >>
<03/12/05> USWRA News - USWRA ANNOUNCES THE HIRING OF DELZER - The United States Watercraft Racing Association (USWRA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Jim Delzer in the position of New Business Development. >>
<03/08/05> USWRA News - JET JAM SERIES NEW PROMOTER DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS JOINS USWRA - The United States Watercraft Racing Association (USWRA) announced today Desert Steel Motorsports (DSM) has joined the USWRA as the new promoter of the former Bullett Jet Jam Series in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.   >>
<03/08/05> USWRA News - Great Lakes Watercross Tour to join the USWRA - The USWRA would like to welcome its newest member- the Great Lakes Watercross Tour headed up by Scott Hyke; formally of Badgerland>>
<03/03/05>  USGNWC News - The U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships  to use a New Starting System in 2005.  >>
<02/28/05> Sponsorship - Wet Wolf is now accepting racer resumes for the 2005 season.   Feel free to e-mail your resume to Or you can mail them to.  Visit their website for more information.   >>
<02/27/05> USWRA News - USWRA announces New Youth Classes for 2005.  For many a longtime Dream now becomes a Reality.  >>
<02/27/05> IJSBA News - 2005 IJSBA World Finals Classes.  Riders in the following classes will compete for 2005 IJSBA World and National Championship titles  >>
<02/27/05> Rider Profile - T.J. Northcott from Alaska has sent in his Rider Profile for the upcoming 2005 season.  Check out what T.J. has in store for 2005.   >>
<02/27/02> Watercraft Racing, Optimism on the Horizon?
If there’s one nearly universal reason for optimism in PWC racing shared by promoters, racers and the aftermarket, it’s the potential being witnessed in the youth classes.   >>
<02/27/05> Rider Profile - Jerry Schmidt has recently updated his Rider Profile.  Check out one of the fastest ski riders in Region 6 and see that riding for Jerry is an all year affair in Michigan.   >>
<02/17/05> Video - 2004 Havasu Video by Jamie Deer.  Holy Cow! Another incredible Video from Jamie Deer of Xtreme Outlaw Productions.  >>  (18.2 mg)
<02/17/05> Budweiser / Novi  Can-Am Cup - Budweiser Teams up with Novi to Co-Sponsor the 2005 Harbor Beach Maritime Festival Can-Am Cup.  >>
<02/13/05> International News - Penang Island played host to seventy-five jet pilots from the USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Singapore, Kuwait and host country Malaysia on the beaches of Batu Ferringhi for the inaugural Penang International Offshore Race 2004.  >>
<02/13/05> Sponsorship - RIVA Racing USA expands watercraft racer support program to include Sea•Doo and Honda.   >>
<01/27/05> Rider Profile - Jerry Hommes - Check out Jerry Hommes Rider Profile and see what he has lined up for the 2005 Season.  Jerry Hommes has been racing in Region 6 since 1995.  As a regular on the tour, Jerry has become a familiar face on the racing scene.   >>
<01/27/05> Sponsorship - A couple of Level 2 sponsorship positions are available for the 2005 race season. This offer is open to any racers who race Kawasaki 1200 STX-R watercraft. For more information, visit their website and read the "sponsorship" thread on our forum which will be posted on 11/12/04.   >>
<01/03/05>  World Finals News - IJSBA confirms World Finals to be held in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.  -  The IJSBA announced today that the dates for the 24th IJSBA World Finals is set for October 11-16, 2005.   >>
<01/03/05>  International News - The six rounds of the 2005 European Tour have been confirmed. - Read all about the 2004 Corona Tour in Review along with the 2004 World Finals recap. Also get some very interesting information about the 2005 upcoming Corona Tour and check out the many new changes. (pdf)  >> 
<12/22/04>  IJSBA News - IJSBA Board of Directors Election Approaching - Elections for the first democratically elected IJSBA Board of Directors is getting closer.  >>
<12/22/04>  World Finals News - 04 Havasu Pictures from Pixel This Digital Photography has tons of photo's from the past 04 World Finals at Lake Havasu City, AZ.   >>
<12/22/04> World Finals News - 04 Havasu Pictures from Joe and Chris took literally hundreds of pictures.   >>
<11/29/04>  Here you will find all your Racing News for the 2005 Season.  All Racing News will be archived in this Section.  The 2003 & 2004 Season is also archived and can be accessed by the links above.


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