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2004 Sea-Doo Double Down Bounty Racing Contingency Redemption Form  here
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Grant, FL – March 25, 2004 – Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) comes into the 2004 watercraft racing season at wide open throttle with the new 215 horsepower Sea-Doo® RXP™ and the return of the Sea-Doo Bounty racing contingency program, but with a twist. The 2004 program offers increased racer benefits by offering double contingency payouts for those who compete successfully on a new RXP watercraft and other 4-TEC™ powered watercraft.       

BRP continues the 13-year tradition of rewards regional racers who successfully compete aboard Sea-Doo watercraft.  The Sea‑Doo Bounty has reinvigorated racer enthusiasm by offering Sea-Doo racers, finishing on the podium additional opportunities to win cash bonuses.  The Sea‑Doo Bounty is by far the most all-encompassing race program supporting regional watercraft racers in the industry.  This year BRP ups the ante by offering racers competing on a Sea-Doo RXP watercraft the opportunity to double their winnings. 

The Sea-Doo Bounty program is designed to help as many deserving Sea-Doo watercraft racers as possible, rather than only a select few the way other programs are operated. Forty-two racers in North America received financial support from BRP in 2003 through the Sea-Doo Bounty program. The program participants were then eligible to compete for a big piece of the “Bounty” at the World Finals in Lake Havasu, AZ last October.

Twelve of the top money winners from the 2003 Sea-Doo Bounty were invited to compete in a special exhibition race at the World Finals with the winner taking home $2150.00. Evan Connell, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, capped off an incredible 2003 campaign by riding his Sea-Doo XP™ bar-to-bar with Canada’s Jay Edworthy and Rob Judge to claim his part of the Sea-Doo Bounty. The 2004 Sea-Doo Bounty will be offering a similar opportunity this year for those Sea-Doo watercraft mounted racers finishing near the top of the money list.  

The 2004 season sees the return of this popular program; designed to act as an Open Sponsorship. ALL Sea-Doo racers competing in the qualifying classes have the opportunity to receive reward monies from BRP. No sponsorship proposals, no contracts, no hassles, and no favoritism; its open and equal to everybody. The Sea‑Doo Double Down Bounty program is as easy as the racer placing a Sea-Doo logo on your Sea-Doo watercraft, going to the track, and finishing in the front of the field - which is common for most Sea-Doo watercraft racers.  

BRP will also be supporting the watercraft racing community through financial sponsorships to nearly a dozen regional race event promoters.  The Sea‑Doo sponsorship funds awarded to these race promoters allows them to organize high quality events and to produce more races that ultimately benefit the watercraft racing community. BRP is committed to providing their customers with as many activities as possible and racing is one of those uses that gets our yellow blood pumping.

For full details on the 2004 Sea-Doo Double Down Bounty racing contingency program visit the Sea-Doo Today section at Sea-Doo.com.

For more information contact:

Tim McKercher
Sea-Doo Public Relations and Competition
(321) 722-4000





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