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Name: Gary Wald

Age: 43

Where are you from: St Clair Shores , MI

IJSBA Member(years): 6

Racing Number for the 2004 Season: 119

How many years have you been Racing Watercraft: 10

What Watercraft do you own (past/present): Kawi 440 , 550 , 750sx ,
2000 GP1200R Limited , 01 GP1200R Super Stock

What Classes do you Race: Novice 1200 Limited , 1200 Super Stock
Amateur Vet 1200 Super Stock

National/World Championship finishes (past/present):
2002 11th Novice 1200 Limited
2003 9th Overall Novice 1200 superstock …Blown motor !! 4th in slalom Worlds
2003 National tour 1st Overall Amateur vet 1200 Super stock (northwest div ) 

Regional finishes (past/present):
2002 4th Novice 1200 Limited
5th 1200 Super Stock 2003 2nd Novice 1200 Limited
2nd 1200 Super Stock
2nd Amateur Vet 1200 Super Stock

What has been your biggest thrill in Watercraft Racing: Competing against the great talent in our region and with out question both trips to world finals 

What has been your biggest disappointment in Racing: Blowing motor at world finals 2003 when making a pass for 3rd that sucked !!

What are your Racing Goals: To have fun 

What past sports have you participated in: Hockey , Baseball , Tennis , ect

What do you like to do with your free time (Hobbies): What free time !!! LOL
Boating with my family , Traveling with my daughter’s Soccer team .

Sponsors/People you would like to thank: 
Millennium Technologies
1404 PilgrIm Rd
Plymouth , WI .53073

Your Way Machine & Tool
30530 Beaconsfield Rd 
Roseville , MI .48066

Riva Yamaha 

Hydro- Turf

Klotz Oils 

HCP Designs 

DCS Formula 19

Ruis Racing

Wife or Girlfriend’s Name: Maggie is AWESOME ! Thanks for letting me play .

Pets: My two GPR’s

Team Name for 2004Season: No money racing

Email address (optional): garywald@comcast.net







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