2004 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships
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Name: Kenneth Jack Ritchie

Age: 20

Where are you from: Fullerton, CA

IJSBA Member(years): 6 years

Racing Number for the 2004 Season: (Pro/Am 1200 Superstock) #1, (Pro 1200 Superstock) #15

How many years have you been Racing Watercraft: 6 years

What Watercraft do you own (past/present): ’98 Sea-Doo XPL 1050 Superstock, ’00 Yamaha GP1200R Superstock, ’03 Honda F-12X Turbo, ’99 Yamaha XL1200 Limited Triple Pipe

What Classes do you Race: The fast ones – Pro Runabout 1200 Superstock, Pro/Am Runabout 1200 Superstock

National/World Championship finishes (past/present): 2003 Pro/Am R/A 1200 Superstock National Champion, 2003 Pro/Am R/A 1200 Superstock World Champion, 2003 National Team Endurance Champion, 2003 Pro/Am 4-stroke National Endurance Champion, 2003 Pro Runabout 1200 Superstock World Finals 4th place, 2002 Pro 1200 SS Motosurf 9th place, 2002 Pro 1200 SS World Finals 11th place, 2001 Expert 1200 SS World Finals 2nd place, 2001 Expert 1200 SS National Tour 2nd place.

Regional finishes (past/present):

What has been your biggest thrill in Watercraft Racing: Racing in the surf is my a blast, and being on the line between MacCluggage and Bosio is a total rush. But my favorite part of racing is being part of such an awesome team with my dad, Jack Ritchie, and my mechanic, Steve Stricklin.

What has been your biggest disappointment in Racing: I’ve never been let down in racing, I have always had a good time. There have been times that boats break, or I’ve gotten hit, but I know that next weekend everything will be fixed and we’ll be doing it all over again!

What are your Racing Goals: At the moment, I am looking into racing motorcycles, so my watercraft racing may take a back seat to that this coming season.

What past sports have you participated in: I played waterpolo and swam in High School, and I ride some motoX for fun, but watercraft has been my main focus since I got my racing license at age 14.

What do you like to do with your free time (Hobbies): Go racing!!!

Sponsors/People you would like to thank: I would first like to thank my Dad for taking me racing and providing me with the opportunity to compete on such a professional level, you do so much for me! I would also like to thank Steve Stricklin for being such awesome mechanic and friend for the past 5 seasons. Thank you to Chris Heinrich, my teammate, and Jim Delzer of the IJSBA for being such inspirational people and always pushing me to go faster. Thanks Mel Miller for helping us set up a winning package for the World Finals! Also: Skat-Trak, Hydro-Turf, Novi, MSD, and Fly, thank you all for a great 2003 season.

Wife or Girlfriend’s Name: Sea-Doo XPL

Pets: Dogs Prince (Black Lab), and Bentlie (Boxer)

Team Name for 2004 Season: Team Ritchie Racing

Email address (optional): TeamRitchieRacing@Yahoo.com







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