2004 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships
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Runabout Division


Name: Kenny Gaan
Age: 39
Where are you from:  Redmond, WA
IJSBA Member(years): 10 years
Racing Number for the 2004 Season:  317
How many years have you been Racing Watercraft: 8
What Watercraft do you own (past/present): 1996 1100ZXI, 2000 Ultra 150, 2002 STXR

What Classes do you Race: Pro-Am 1200 Stock

National/World Championship finishes (past/present):
1996 13th in Novice Superstock
1999   7th Pro-Am 1200 Stock
2000 12th Expert 1200 Limited, 11th Pro-Am 1200 Stock
4th Slalom (Unofficial)
2002 13th Expert 1200 Limited
Regional finishes (past/present):
1996 2nd Novice 1200 Superstock
1999 1st Pro-Am 1200 Stock
1st Northwest Endurance Series
3rd Expert 1200 limited
2000 1st Pro-Am 1200 Stock, 1st Expert 1200 Limited
1st Northwest Endurance Series
2001  1st Pro-Am 1200 Stock, 1st Expert 1200 Limited
2002  1st Pro-Am 1200 Stock, 1st Expert 1200 Limited
What has been your biggest thrill in Watercraft Racing: Holeshot at the World Finals.  My first moto win. My first endurance win.
What has been your biggest disappointment in Racing:  Leading by a half of a lap at the WF's in 1999 for the World Championship and knocking my lanyard out.
What are your Racing Goals:  Promote Checkmate racing.  Prepare Checkmate racers to win and have fun.
What past sports have you participated in:  Baseball, basketball, and boxing.
What do you like to do with your free time (Hobbies): Being a great Father, bird hunting, Playing baseball.
Sponsors/People you would like to thank:  Tony at Kent Kawasaki for giving me my start.
Rick Mello for being my coach.  Alan Gaan for being the best holder and
support system, and keeping me sane for upcoming races.  Everyone in region
3 for making this sport so much fun to be a part of.  Checkmate Racing for
the opportunity to remain active in this sport.  My wife and family for
putting up with me.
Wife or Girlfriend's Name:  Tracey (wife)  Brittley (Daughter)  Max (Son)
Pets:  Just Alan.
Team Name for 2004Season:  Checkmate Racing.
Email address:kenny@golden-globe.com







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