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Welcome to the
Wild World of Freestyle!


We at watercross.com would like to devote a section of the website to the World of Freestyle.  This has been a eye catching event at Watercross Races across the country for many years.  Today's Freestyle tricks are just incredible to watch as Riders are taking it to the limit on what they can do on a Personal Watercraft.

We will also be starting a Freestyle Rider Profile Section so you can meet the Riders up close, and see what makes a Freestyle Rider tick.  A Rider Questionnaire, Pictures, and Video will be included.  If you are interested in participating, please send me a email. -click here-

Jamie Deer from Outlaw Productions will be producing a short Freestyle Video from Nashville Shores.  This Video promises to rock so stay tuned for this upcoming great new Video.

One of the truly “extreme sports,” freestyle features some of the most gifted athletes on the beach, performing two-minute routines in an Olympic-style format for a panel of seven judges. Competitors’ routines are made-up from a series of choreographed tricks that are performed to music. Freestyle highlights the acrobatical abilities of these highly specialized athletes and their watercraft. With the addition of the 14 & 15 yr old Freestyle Competition in 2003, this year promises to have added excitement at the they show us their stuff.

Freestyle is the crowd favorite, as spectators get a chance to interact with the competitors before, during and after the competition. Some of the more popular tricks and catch phrases include: Aerial Barrel Roll; Yellow Submarine; Hollywood Corkscrew; Sprung Monkey; Kilowatt Flop; Ride ‘Em Cowboy; Bull Doggin’; and many other eye catching tricks.



Rider Profiles

Gary Burtka
Greg Brock
Dan Stein
Michael Ratti




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