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Harbor Beach, Michigan
Maritime Festival
Can-Am Cup
July 17-18, 2004


A special weekend of music.


Chris Ogryski
Sports Writer - Huron County Press

Volume 7

While the water events are often the most talked about part of the Harbor Beach Maritime Festival, this year the entertainment is generating just as much of a buzz. With three separate musical performances/ events scheduled this could be the strongest entertainment line-up that the Maritime Festival has seen.

One of the highlights of the weekend will be the performance of Thom Ellis and his band who are playing on Saturday night after the awards ceremony of the Can-Am Cup from approximately 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

At that point the fireworks will begin with a special twist promised by Tom Youatt and Ron Wruble, who are in charge of the sky candy. After the spectacular light show, Thom Ellis will continue to play till around midnight or maybe even a few beyond (if the fans are lucky). 

But when it comes to Thom Ellis the question shouldn’t be how late he will perform, but rather how did the Harbor Beach Maritime Festival Committee secure a singer that has opened for such mainstream artists like Bob Seger, Glenn Campbell, and Alabama. The story of how it all came together is a true example of a community at its best, coming together for a good cause.

When rumors started circulating that Thom Ellis may play at the event, current and former Harbor Beach High School students began collecting money to pay for the band to come and perform. 

By June 1st, the group had raised well over $400 and Pam Semp of the Corner Store supplemented the student’s efforts by offering to make up the difference of what the students raised and what it would cost to secure the band.

But that’s not all. Former Harbor Beach resident Nathan Schock, fresh from Nashville, will be returning for the concert as part of the Thom Ellis group to lend his skills on lead guitar to the group. Schock was involved in the very first Maritime Festival as part of the band “Thorium” and now returns from some musical seasoning in the country western capital of Tennessee.

But the Thom Ellis band is only one of the outstanding musical acts attending this year’s event. On Friday night, the Robert Lee Band will be invading Harbor Beach and performing from 8 PM to 11 PM.

The lead singer and guitarist for the group is Bobby Balderrama (also known as Robert Lee) who was one of the founding members of Question Mark and the Mysterians prior to his run with this band. That group is best known for their number one hit 96 Tears.

Another original member of that band, Frank Rodriguez is also part of the Robert Lee Band. Other members include Ron Dosier and Rand Hurry for this group that was formed back in 2000.

Also on Friday night is a great combination of music and dancing as there will be a country and western dance at the North Park Pavilion from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM that evening.

Additionally, one of the biggest surprises of the weekend will be who sings the National Anthem prior to the beginning of the Can-Am Cup. This has been a heavily guarded secret thus far, with members of the Chamber only willing to reveal that the crowd will be pleasantly surprised with their choice.

With so much quality entertainment being provided by the Maritime Festival this year, next year the festival could be recognized as much for the quality concerts as it is for the exciting watercraft action. 















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