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Harbor Beach, Michigan
Maritime Festival
Can-Am Cup
July 17-18, 2004


Maritime Festival just keeps getting better.  Battle of the Bands added to Harbor Beach's premiere event.

Chris Ogryski
Sports Writer - Huron County Press

Volume 5

As if the Can-Am Cup wasn’t enough to draw in fans  to the Maritime Festival, the  committee has added another huge event. The latest addition is a battle of the bands that will be known as the “War on the Shore” and is scheduled to be held on July 15th between 6PM and 11PM and hosted by WLEW radio personality Dave LeMaster.

The “War on the Shore” was the brainchild of Craig Lackie who devised the concept when the idea just came to him one day that this might be a good draw for the festival. The idea is to give a good sized audience a chance to watch up to 10 bands rocking out, with everyone involved having a good time.

The concept is to combine the musical elements already present at the Maritime fest with the competition aspect seen in the Can-Am Cup, to create the ultimate musical encounter.

This “ultimate encounter” is already generating a huge buzz on the internet and there has already been a significant interest from many bands, so these 10 open slots could fill up very quickly.

For those interested in participating, the cost is $50 to enter and that entitles to you to perform a cover, an original, or basically whatever the band feels will win the contest except the use of inappropriate or profane language which is not acceptable at this family event. The winning band will be awarded a cash prize which could be as high as $200 for first place (based on 10 bands participating), as well as bragging rights for the next year as the winner of the “2004 “War on the Shore”.

A panel of judges, after seeing the competition, will judge the groups on such merits as difficulty, showmanship, crowd participation- all things of that nature that make a live act good. Those criteria are subjective, so fans are encouraged to make a ton of noise for their favorite band to let the judges know who they think did the best job. There is no charge for fans to attend the event.

The hope is that if this event is heavily attended it will become a permanent part of the Maritime Fest in years to come. That can only happen if fans turn out and support the event.

“War on the Shore will be one of those events, we aren't quite sure exactly where it will go in the years to come, but it will truly be a miraculous evening with all the bands around the area converging to create a brilliant musical atmosphere,” Lackie said. “The competition may be vicious, but any ardent musician will respect their fellow colleagues on their quest to rock the socks off the crowd.”

For information on entering the event you can visit the above website or contact Craig Lackie by e-mail at warontheshore2004@hotmail.com.


Stay tuned for Volume 6 coming Soon!














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