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Harbor Beach, Michigan
Maritime Festival
Can-Am Cup
July 17-18, 2004

Volume 4


The Future of the Can-Am Cup.
Chris Ogryski
Sports Writer - Huron County Press


While the American contingency at the Can-Am Cup has experienced some success in the past few years, in order to remain successful they will need new riders to emerge in order to keep the wins coming. Two of the most promising prospects for America’s future in the Cup race are the brother and sister combo of Britney and Dustin Charrier from Indiana.

The Charriers have watercraft racing in their blood, as their father Dean is a former World Champion and is now a well-known watercraft builder. Dean is also the founder of one of watercraft racing’s best squads, which is known as Dean’s Team. 

Sixteen year old Britney, the older of Dean’s kids, is one of the industry’s most promising young riders to come along in years. In just her first year of racing, she took first place in stock and limited 14-15 ski at Regionals and also finished 11th at the World Finals.

It may seem odd that a teenage girl would become so involved in this sport, but not when you look at her family tree. “Of course my Dad (got me into racing),” Britney said.  “After watching my Dad race Jet Skis all those years it made me want to race even more.  I could not wait to turn old enough to race.”

Perhaps the reason that Britney was so eager to start racing was because of all the time she spent with her dad while he was competing. “When my Dad traveled all over the states to go to the races, we would try to go with him to every race possible.  I loved going and always looked forward to the racing action,” Britney said. “I knew when I got older, I would be racing too.  It is something we can do as a family so it keeps us close.”

Those are the same sentiments that her 14 year old brother Dustin expressed about his early racing experiences. “Yes (because of the time spent together watching my dad race), there was no doubt that I would be racing as soon as I was old enough,” Dustin said.

Dustin, who will be a high school freshman this year, is in his first year of racing and competes in the 14-15 year old class and hopes to get some friends involved soon as well. “They think it is a cool sport because it’s something different you don’t hear about too much in Indiana,” Dustin said. “I’m working on (trying to get some friends involved), because I would love to see more competition in the 14-15 year old classes.”

Britney has had similar experiences with her friends, who have been extremely supportive in this endeavor.

“My friends think it’s awesome (that I’m racing).  I have taken some of my closest friends to my races so they can see what it is really like and they love it,” Britney explained.

Britney is entering her second year in racing and will be moving to a tougher division. “In 2003 I raced (in the) 14-15 (division) and in 2004 season I am moving up to women’s novice ski and runabout,” Britney said in her profile on www.watercross.com.

And while she won’t be competing in the event this year, she is looking forward to being part of the Can-Am Cup in the future. “I think I will leave it to the other ski riders and just cheer them on in the crowd (this year), which is just as exciting (as competing). Maybe next year (I will race),” Britney said.

Even though she won’t officially be part of this year’s Cup, it is still a must attend event for the rising star. “I have been to Harbor Beach races for three years now and I love it,” Britney said. “(It has) the best racing.  I love watching the guys battle it out for their team.  The excitement is indescribable.”

Britney also believes that Harbor Beach is a great place for young riders to gain experience. “Harbor Beach is a great site to learn to ride because it can be choppy and smooth at times with a large space to ride.  It is also a big race with tons of people (out there supporting you),” Britney said.

Since it is a good place for young racers to learn, it is obvious that her brother Dustin would want to race there in a couple of years as well. “I went to Harbor Beach last year for the first time and I think it is one of the best race sites,” Dustin said. “Definitely (I’m looking forward to racing for the Cup someday), and hopefully very soon. That would be a thrill.”

Whatever the future holds for Britney and Dustin in racing, one thing is for sure, they owe all of their past, current, and future successes to their dad. “I have been taught to have a level head when I am on the race course, to stay in control and to concentrate on what I am out there to do (by my dad),” Dustin said.

First and foremost my Dad (is my racing hero) because besides him winning two titles at the World Finals, he also had many of his riders win National and World titles,” Britney said.

“He has more knowledge than anyone I know about the whole fundamentals of what it takes to race, he is an excellent coach for me and my younger brother,” Britney said. “Without him pushing us we wouldn’t be in the position we are today.”

But their dad isn’t the only one helping their career along. “Of course my Mom is behind us all 100% (which helps us a lot),” Britney finished.

So Britney and Dustin will each try and follow in their father’s footsteps in the upcoming years and in doing so don’t mind the sacrifices it will take to get there. “I just love what I am doing right now with my life because racing comes first for me,” Britney said.

She compares that to what other girls her age are doing and doesn’t feel she is missing anything. “A lot of girls my age, I think all they think about are boys.”

Speaking of boys, Britney has a warning for any boys who think she doesn’t belong in the sport. “I'd tell him to take it to the track and I would show him that he is wrong,” Britney said.

With Britney’s confidence, Dustin’s eagerness, and the support of their family, it would be no surprise to see these two competing in future Can-Am Cups and helping America bring home more trophies. It seems that the proud tradition of the Charriers in racing has only just begun.















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