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Name: Alex Yates

Age: 29

Where are you from: Maryland

Number of years racing: 8

Race Number: 313

What watercraft do you own (past/present): 97 SeaDoo XP, 96 SeaDoo XP, 99 SeaDoo XPL, 00 Yamaha GPR

What classes do you race: 800 Limited and Superstock, 1200 Stock

National/World Championship finishes:
2003 World Finals Havasu Novice 800 SS 6th place overall

Regional finishes:
2004 Novice 800 SS 1st place, Novice 800 Limited 2nd place
2003 Novice 800 SS 2nd place, Novice 800 Limited 1st place

Biggest disappointment in racing: Blowing up the same boat 5 times in Havasu 2004.

Racing Goals: Win at the World Finals

What do you do with your free time: Play with my 3 year old twins

Sponsors: Crazy 8's, Shark Energy Drink

Wife's Name: Jennifer

Pets: None

Team Name for 2005 Season: Crazy 8's

Email address:


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