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Name: Scott Kalisch

Age: 24

Where are you from: Ewing, New Jersey

Racing Number for the 2005 Season: 311

How many years have you been Racing Watercraft: 1

What Watercraft do you own (past/present): 2002 Kawasaki Ultra 150, 2005 SX-R 800

What Classes do you Race: Novice Ski Stock, Novice R/A Limited

What has been your biggest thrill in Watercraft Racing: Competing against some of the best riders in Region 8, and progressively getting better each race.

What has been your biggest disappointment in Racing: Not being able to attend as many races as I had planned, or would have liked to.

What are your Racing Goals: To place top 5 in my region, and qualify for the World Finals

What past sports have you participated in: I raced Moto-X for 16 years, and raced carts for 4 years

What do you like to do with your free time (Hobbies): Concerts, Moto-X, free ride

Sponsors/People you would like to thank:  Still compiling a racing resume’

Wife or Girlfriend’s Name: Monica

Email address:


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