2004 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships
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Name: CAUMONT Ludo

Age: 31

Where are you from: France

IJSBA Member(years):

Racing Number for the 2003 Season: 69

How many years have you been Racing Watercraft: 6 years

What Watercraft do you own (past/present): POLARIS Octane
Yamaha superjet in 2000 and Kawa Sxi in 1998

What Classes do you Race: Europe Limited and SSK ski

World Championship finishes (past/present): 2nd closed course expert ski SSK in 2002 and 8th in PRO SSK ski

French finishes (past/present):
Stock and SSK french champion 2002
1st limited european championship 2003
3rd SSK european championship 2003

What has been your biggest thrill in Watercraft Racing: 
Riding with Rick ROY in the waves in Morrocco

What has been your biggest disappointment in Racing:
Been disqualified in PRO-AM Stock ( and I could win the race) and seen that in the first heat in PRO SSK they did the same mistake ( going from the outside to the in
side track) and they had nothing !!!!

What are your Racing Goals:

See up

What past sports have you participated in:
Motocross and mountain bike

What do you like to do with your free time (Hobbies):
Having sex with girls

Sponsors/People you would like to thank:  

Wife or Girlfriend’s Name: next one is welcome

Pets: none

Team Name for 2003 Season: JETLAND POLARIS Racing Team

Email address (optional):
web : www.jetland.com





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