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Round 1 - 2    Lakeview, Ohio


Round 1 & 2 - May 22 – May 23, 2004
2004 U.S. Grand National Watercross Championships  
Lakeview, Ohio Season Opener  

Indian Lake Recreational Park

The 2004 US Grand National Watercross Championships,  is returning to Lakeview, Ohio for it’s season opener of six grueling rounds of extreme watercross racing.  This will be the fourth year personal watercraft races have been held on Indian Lake.  The event will take place at Old Field Beach, which boasts over 1,200 feet of lakefront beach and plenty of parking, so there is plenty of room for spectators to bring their family, friends, and beach chairs to enjoy an excellent view of the racecourse.  Last year Lakeview provided some freezing temperatures as riders battled not only rider and machine but the weather as well.  With wind chill factors in the teens, I think that was the coldest weekend in the last 10 years.

The two-day event will feature a different round each day, guaranteeing twice the water burning racing action.  Each round will pit racers from all over the United States, Canada, and abroad in a head to head battle of machine and rider combinations, and with machines running at 70+ mph speeds, this event is sure to make waves.  The US Grand National Watercross Championships, have over the years more World and National Champions than any other personal watercraft racing circuit in the world, and the two round event ensures the World and National Champions will be racing on both days.    This will be the 1st of our Double Round Events.  Novice & Expert will both race on Saturday & Sunday promising to fill the beach with Riders, Crew, and Spectators. 

This is a beautiful race site.  There is plenty of parking, with plenty of nice beach area for that perfect view of the racecourse. There is also plenty of nice clean restrooms.  And this year we have the entire beach for additional rider pit area. 

The US Grand National Watercross Championships will also be making stops in Pontiac, Michigan; Harbor Beach, Michigan; and Muskegon, Michigan, with the overall individual and team champions being crowned in Muskegon, Michigan.  This year’s tour guarantees some of the best personal watercraft racing action and fastest machines the world has ever seen.   

There will be races featuring personal watercraft of all makes, models, and degrees of modification separated into multiple skill levels ranging from Beginner to Pro.  New racers or those who are interested in racing personal watercraft are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.  The two round format is perfect for people who want to try racing their personal watercraft, because it provides an excellent opportunity to quickly gain race experience by racing in two rounds in less than 48 hours. You can experience and learn about the races on Saturday, and race on Sunday.  If you are interested in racing your personal watercraft, please visit the Website,  watercross.com and click on the “Event Registration” link for important information on participation.   

The schedule is the same for both days, with a mandatory riders meeting starting at 8:00am.  Practice for all classes is from 8:30 to 10:00am, and the closed course racing will start at 10:00am and will last until around 3:00pm.  The closed course racing will feature up to 18 racers vying to be the first to complete up to 20 laps on a road course style watercross track that is outlined by buoys and has waves coming from all directions. The track features one of the only split courses used in the United States, and the top-level ski riders will be required to negotiate an equally rare log jump.  The freestyle competition will be held from 1:00 to 2:00pm, all times are estimated.  In this event, riders perform mind blowing aerial acrobatics, and amazing displays of their control of their machine.  Some of the favorite stunts include 60 ft water fountains, submarines, and aerial barrel rolls.  This event is a sure crowd pleaser.   

Indian Lake is famous for year-round  recreation; offering beaches, boating bicycle trails, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. The event will take place at beautiful Old Field Beach, which is a first class facility with over 1,200 feet of sandy beach. 

The 5,800 acre lake offers unlimited horsepower boating, excellent inland lake sailing prospects, and features boat ramps and boat docks for rent. Water Skiing is popular in the open zone area. Weekend tournaments draw fishing boats and fishing enthusiasts from many parts of the state. Indian Lake is the only inland lake in Ohio with lighted buoys for night navigation.  The area is famous for year around recreation offering beaches, bicycle trails, hiking, camping, fishing, state park facilities, hunting, snowmobiling, ice skating and ice boating. Volunteers work diligently to keep the waters of Indian Lake beautiful. Unique resort homes, fine condominium living, lakeside residences, and other waterfront real estate line the various shores and can be seen when touring by boat . Scenic auto touring around the many islands and peninsulas reveal beautiful natural habitats. Several popular restaurants are accessible by both land and water. Opportunities abound at Indian Lake. Shopping for unique gifts made by our local talent plus other available services make Indian Lake a great place to live, spend a vacation, bring a loved one, enjoy your R.V., rent an island or a cottage, have a retreat or enjoy a honeymoon! Surrounded by the villages of Lakeview, Russells Point, Huntsville, Belle Center and Roundhead, Indian Lake is the number one place to be in Ohio.  With all this event has to offer, there is plenty of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.  Don’t miss the chance to come out and see some of the summer’s hottest racing action while spending a day at the beach.  For further information please contact the US Grand National Watercross Championships Website at:  watercross.com

Watercross Racing Format:

Rounds 1-2          Lakeview, OH  -  Both Novice, and Expert Classes will run 2 moto’s on Saturday, and 2 moto’s on Sunday

Visit www.watercross.com for an online entry form, and more information about registration.

Round 1 – Round 2 Schedule
Lakeview, Ohio

Saturday Schedule of Events

All Novice Closed Course Qualifying & Final Events
Novice Slalom,  Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am & Pro Closed
Course Qualifying and Final  Events.  Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am
Amateur Freestyle Events.

  7:00 am -   8:00 am Technical Inspection & Rider Check In
  8:00 am -   8:30 am Mandatory Riders Meeting
8:30 am - 10:00 am Closed Course Practice
10:00 am -   5:00 pm Closed Course Racing  
10:00 am - 12:00 am Slalom Course Open
1:00 pm -   2:00 pm Amateur Freestyle 
6:00 pm -   7:00 pm Awards Ceremony 
8:00 pm -                  Racer's Party

Sunday Schedule of Events

All Novice Closed Course Qualifying & Final Events  
Novice Slalom,  Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am & Pro Closed  
Course Qualifying and Final Events  
Amateur, Expert, Pro-Am Slalom Events, Amateur Freestyle

   7:00 am -   8:00 am Technical Inspection & Rider Check In 
   8:00 am -   8:15 am Mandatory Riders Meeting for Riders who did not Race on Saturday ONLY. 
   8:30 am -   9:00 am Closed Course Practice 
   9:00 am -   5:00 pm Closed Course Racing  
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Slalom Course Open for all Novice, Amateur, & Expert Classes 
   1:00 pm -   2:00 pm Amateur Freestyle 
   6:00 pm -   7:00 pm Awards Ceremony

Hotel Information:

Best Western   (419 ) 738-8181  
Day's Inn          (419)  738-2184

Camping:    You are allowed to camp on site but there are only bathrooms and no showers.

Directions to site: Take I-75 to Wapakoneta Exit 110 and then go East on State Route 33.Take State Route 235 and go North. Go 1 ˝  Miles and the park will be on the right hand side.

Directions to Hotels: Take I-75 to Wapakoneta Exit 111 hotels right off exit

Other Information:  All Riders will be required to pay a $10.00 site fee at registration.  This money will go to Indian Lake Recreational Park.  Alcohol will be prohibited on the race site.  







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