Special Feature - Rider Interview

from start to finish both moto’s.  I remember in the 2nd moto at the end of the race after leading the entire race on the last lap you approached the start/finish line and did a 180 while grabbing the reverse lever.  What happened, I thought you were going to ride it through the start/finish backwards?

KR:   Well, that was the plan, but the Honda seems to have a safety mechanism that prevents you from ripping the reverse bucket off.  Too bad, it would have looked really cool!

WC:  This past year you were National Champion in Endurance, and Closed Course racing.  Not many riders in the PWC world have been able to obtain that.  Do you favor one type of racing over the other, and why?  Will you be racing both again this year?

KR:  I enjoy both disciplines.  Endurance racing requires a lot of strategy as far as pit stops and coordination when refueling, so it has a large mental challenge.  Closed Course racing has a different, more physical challenge.  You have fifteen to twenty lap motos and you have to go all out on every lap.  I would like to do more endurance racing, and I am glad to see Bullett Racing