Special Feature - Rider Interview

WC:  Youíve been Jet-Ski Racing for 6 years now.  Just how did you get started racing?  And do you have any interesting memories from those early years?

KR:   My dadís friend was into endurance racing, and he had been around watercraft racing since the late Ď80s with X2s. 

I went out to a couple of races with him and when I turned 14, I participated in my first endurance race on a Ď96 ZXi 1100.  Itís all been downhill from there!  I remember Chris Fischetti came out and won that first race and just smoked everyone.  I knew that some day I would be racing pro and win a world title.

WC:  Last year you competed in every National Tour Event.  I imagine that was an experience youíll remember for a lifetime.  Was there a particular Event, or Tour Stop that was most memorable for you?  Was there any amusing Events, or things you saw while traveling?

KR:  The tour stop in Rochester, NY was so cold that I was contemplating wearing two wetsuits!  I ended up not wearing any because I donít feel as much of what is going on with the boat.  I always have fun at the Florida tour stops because I love big surf.  The stop in Havasu with Bullett Racing was fun because that is my home turf.  However, the most memorable one is probably the Nashville stop where I clinched my first National title.  There I also raced in the Pro/Am stock division on a Honda R-12X just for fun.  I got to play around, doing pirouettes down the front straight as I led the pack.

WC:  I was at Nashville and I got to witness your ride on the Honda.  It seemed like a real smooth ride.  You led