Special Feature - Rider Interview

I moved to the Midwest in í98 because of a job transfer. I had heard great things about Region 6 and Jacque Bryant. I was happy to know I was going to a solid race region and excited to return to PWC racing after a 2 year absence. I donít think I would have continued my racing efforts for as long as I have if it wasnít for me racing here in Region 6. There are so many great racers in this region and I have met so many friends. It has been a real privilege racing under Jacque and I always meet new people each year at his races.

WC:   For the last several years youíve come on strong in the Expert Ski Class and prior to 03 have become a major force in that class.  During the 03 Season you struggled with some Ski problems.  What was contributing to your bad luck?

BM:  I started out the year without any major mechanical problems. Then shortly after my first two races, I had a string of mechanical problems with my Yamaha Superstock that plagued me for the rest of the summer.  It was a frustrating experience to say the least. I consider myself a decent mechanic but I just couldnít find out what the problem was.  With the help of some friends I found out it was both electrical and mechanical.