Special Feature - Rider Interview

WC:  Youíve been Jet-Ski Racing for 10 years now.  Just how did you get started racing?  And do you have any interesting memories from those early years? 

BM:  I was living in Southern California in the late 80ís and a friend I raced Motocross with had a 650SX and would take me riding from time to time. We were riding Stand-Upís as a form of cross training. We also would watch PWC racing religiously on ESPN and discussed entering a PWC race. In the early 90ís I was seriously injured while practicing on my CR 250 and was incapacitated for many months. While recovering from my injuries I pondered the thought of switching to PWC

racing as I found the risk of injury was significantly less than racing Motocross. I sold my CR and bought a Waveblaster in í93. I entered my first race in í94 at a Region 7 event. I was immediately blown away by the extreme high level of camaraderie amongst the PWC racers. Everybody seemed willing to help anyone else out in need. I immediately became hooked!

My interesting moments in those early years was just feeling so accepted and welcome at PWC racing events. Every weekend I met so many different people from all over. My early excitement spread to local friends and they too became hooked and pretty soon we were all caravanning to any PWC race we could find. That was a great time and beginning for me!

WC:  How long did you stay on the Blaster and why did you decide to start racing stand-up Skis?  How did you land in the Midwest from the nice sunny weather of the South?  

BM:  I stayed on the Blaster for 2 seasons. I switched to Ski class because it was more my style and more fun. When I started racing Skis I realized it would take me a while to be competitive. In 2 years I dominated the Novice Sport class and didnít want to move up to Expert Sport. Instead I decided to only focus on the Ski class.