2005 Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup
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2005 Bud Light / Ray C Invitational Pictures
By Chris Ogryski
Staff Writer

2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Invitational

89 Pics from the Bud Light / Ray C Invitational
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Pictures courtesy of Chris Ogryski from the Harbor Beach Times
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photo courtesy of Lois Korbel
from LK Creations

America wins fourth straight Can-Am Cup
By Chris Ogryski
Staff Writer

America wins fourth straight Can-Am Cup
By Chris Ogryski
Sports Writer

The weather may have delayed the start of the qualifying for the Can-Am Cup this past Saturday in Harbor Beach, but it did not delay the inevitable, a fourth straight win for America.

The US team trailed after a competitive 1200 Runabout race, which saw New York’s Jo-Jo Mannise lead for over half the race, only to be passed on an aggressive move by Canada’s Jay Edworthy, who had won the race the previous two years. Once Edworthy got the lead he would not relinquish and was able to edge out American riders Mannise (second) and Justin Hughes (third) for the victory and picked up 43 points for his team in the process.

But the US team was far from out of it at this point. On the strength of Mannise and Hughes (first and second respectively), who were racing in back-to-back events (two races at 20 laps each), team USA was able to regain the lead with a victory in the 800 class. The first place finish from Jo-Jo netted the team 57 points.

With several of the top spots still to be determined from the first race, due to its closeness, the Cup appeared to come down to the final race, the Ski Open. The Ski class is one of the most popular as it incorporates the log and ramp jump obstacles.

The Canadians seemed to have a slight advantage heading into the race as two-time Can-Am Cup Ski Open champion Brad Maloney would not be competing. Maloney wrecked his boat during a spill in the qualifier and just escaped injury during the fall. He was not able to get that craft or his back-up going in time for the race.

However, any advantage the Canadians had quickly disappeared as they were plagued with their own equipment problems with both Rick Maj and “No Win Vin” Danaher breaking down during the race. This opened the door for an American sweep with Jerry Schmidt finishing first, Matt Conner second, and Jeff “Ski” Clark rounding out the top three and securing the victory for America.

While they did not finish in the top three in the Ski class, Starvin’ Marvin Bulas and Steve King proved to be crowd favorites for their use of the ramp jump.

Bulas received an award for his efforts on the obstacle last year and did not appear to miss a beat since then. In fact his most notable moment came during the qualifier when Bulas turned to look at and acknowledge the crowd and the announcers as he flew through the air.

King received the crowd’s admiration for his determination. After getting pummeled by Jacque Bryant just before the obstacles, King made it back to his machinery and still took on the ramp jump in a move that was quite pleasing to the fans.

275 Pics from Harbor Beach now online!
Pictures courtesy of Chris Ogryski from the Harbor Beach Times
Check out these awesome pics from this Great Event 

Edworthy's win is a highlight of Maritime Festival
By Chris Ogryski
Staff Writer
Edworthy’s win is a highlight of Maritime Festival
By Chris Ogryski
Sports Writer

The name Jay Edworthy has become synonymous with success in the 1200 Runabout class and this past Saturday he proved why he is one of the best riders in the world with a come-from-behind win over Jo-Jo Mannise in the Budweiser/ Novi Can-Am Cup. This was the third straight victory for Edworthy in that class at the Maritime Festival.

But the three-peat didn’t come easy for Edworthy who trailed for over half of the 20 lap race. “This was one of the more difficult years,” the Cambridge, Ontario resident said. “There was a lot of good competition this year.”

Edworthy knew as the race went on, his chances for victory were diminishing and he had to do something. “There were a few decent opportunities in the race. Usually you only get one good one and a couple of times I got close to Joe (Jo-Jo) Mannise (but couldn’t pass him),” Edworthy said.

“There were a couple of times I seemed to get close to him, but I always seemed to bounce in a corner or not get a good line,” Edworthy added. “I came off the corner hard there and (I knew) it was the time to pass or I probably wouldn’t get him. (I figured) I might as well take the chance and it was the right thing to do at the time.”

The slick move resulted in an Edworthy win, which he celebrated with a victory lap while carrying his native flag high (which is a Can-Am Cup tradition for winners). In fact, Jay was so caught up in the moment that he climbed up to the part of the pier where the event was being broadcast from, to participate in the post race interview.

Once the Can-Am Cup ended, Edworthy was able to enjoy his win and reflect on what makes Harbor Beach such a unique event. “The racers that come out always come to win, but also come for a good time. A lot of guys that come to this race… still…have to go to work on Monday,” Edworthy said.

“As much as everyone wants to win, no one wants to get hurt, so it’s a safe race. But (today), it was a close race,” Edworthy added, pointing out that he got as close as he wanted to at certain points in the competition (right beside another rider and just touching them).

Near misses aside, Edworthy enjoyed his trek to Harbor Beach for more than just the opportunity to compete. “I grew up on a dairy farm and coming up here and seeing the granary in a small town atmosphere is almost like being at home for me,” Edworthy said.

While Edworthy’s “home” doesn’t produce as many racers as it once did, he believes they are still a competitive bunch. “We have limited numbers, because we don’t have racing in our area of Canada,” he said. “(However) the Canadians can come and run with some of the best in this Region and I think this Region can run with the best in the world.”

Perhaps the Canadians will finally get a chance to prove that with a Can-Am Cup victory in 2006. 

2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Invitational

The 2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Invitational was the biggest and best Invitational Event since it's inception.  The Event this year had 104 Invitational participants along with 26 Teams.  The Event's start time was bumped up to 2:00pm on Friday due to the number of participants in this year's competition.  For 5 solid hours the course was busy with each participant taking their respective hot lap on the course trying to get the fastest time both individually and team.  This year Seadoo provided the hot new Seadoo 3D for the participants to ride.  As each participants completed their lap, they were all smiles as each participant really liked the new Seadoo 3D.  All weekend long the participants talked about how much fun the Seadoo 3D was to ride.

Pictures courtesy of Chris Ogryski - Harbor Beach Times

This year the top 6 participants with the fastest time from Friday's competition got the opportunity to compete in a special competition Saturday night in front of the large crowd of spectators just prior to the Budweiser / Novi Can-Am Cup competition.  Seadoo sponsored a special competition with $1,000 in prize money for the top 3 finishers in this special competition.  You bet the racing action was hot in this brand new competition as each competitor was trying to grab the prize money on a brand new Seadoo 3D.  This was a great event for both the participants and spectators alike.  Special thanks to Seadoo for providing the Seadoo 3D for competition all weekend long.

Complete 2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Invitational Results    (pdf)


2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Team Standings

1 Corner Store 227.88
2 Edward Jones 237.01
3 Active Health Care Svcs 240.79
4 RC Hendricks 242.95
5 Harbor Beach Hospital 243.61
6 Harbor Drug 244.45
7 Lakeshore Guardian 247.36
8 Brennan's 252.05
9 Dow AgroSciences 254.60
10 Top of the Hill Collision 257.74

2005 Bud Light / Ray C's Invitational Individual Top 10

1 Scott Roggenbuck Edward Jones 54.38
2 Chad Redburn Harbor Beach Hospital 54.87
3 Deb Wruble City of Harbor Beach 54.97
4 Grant Kadar Active Health Care Svcs 55.06
5 Deb Lemanski Lakeshore Guardian 55.70
6 Brad Semp Corner Store 55.74
7 Bryan Kasserman Cellular One 55.83
8 Matt Esh Corner Store 56.38
9 Greg Semp Corner Store 56.49
10 Gail Roggenbuck H & R Block-Harbor Beach 57.06






























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The City of Harbor Beach
Harbor Drug
The TIMES Newspaper
East Huron Ambulance
L.K. Creations
Xtreme Outlaw Productions
Harbor Beach Audio
Corner Store
Citizens First
Lets go Fishing
The Harbor Beach Chamber
of Commerce
Dow Agrosciences
Signature Bank
Cellular One
Harbor Beach Hospital
Lake Shore Guardian
Thumb Cellular
H&R Block
Edward Jones
Chemical Bank
Valley Gear & Machine
Top of the Hill
Adv. Health Care Supply
RC Hendricks
North Star
Dr. James Molitor DDS
Dr. Hirn DDS
True Value

 Can-Am Cup Wall of Fame

2005 R/A 1200cc Champion

2005 R/A 800cc Champion

2005 Ski Champion

2004 R/A 1200cc Champion

2004 R/A 800cc Champion

2004 Ski Champion

2003 R/A 1200cc Champion

2003 R/A 800cc Champion

2003 Ski Champion

2002 R/A 1200 Champion

2002 R/A 800cc Champion

2002 Ski Champion

2005 Can-Am Cup Complete
2004 Can-Am Cup Complete

2003 Can-Am Cup Complete

2002 Can-Am Cup Complete

 Invitational Wall of Fame

2005 Invitational Final Team Results

Pos Total Score Team Name
1 227.88 Corner Store
2 237.01 Edward Jones
3 240.79 Active Health Care
4 242.95 RC Hendricks
5 243.61 HB Hospital
6 244.45 Harbor Drug
7 247.36 Lakeshore Guardian
8 251.74 Brennan's
9 252.05 Dow AgroSciences
10 254.60 Top of the Hill Collision
11 257.74 HB Chamber
12 260.19 City of HB
13 262.53 H&R Block-Guys
14 269.01 Concerned Health Care
15 270.36 H&R Block-Indiana
16 276.81 U.S. Coast Guard
17 279.30 Let's Go Fishing
18 302.53 U.S. Air Force
19 304.02 H&R Block-HB
20 304.96 Citizen's First
21 317.48 Valley Gear & Machine
22 325.67 H&R Block-MI South
23 326.65 H&R Block-Oxford
24 376.45 H&R Block-Bad Axe
25 388.42 Cellular One
26 397.56 Smalley's


2005 Invitational Top 10

Pos Name Team Name Lap Time
1 Scott Roggenbuck Edward Jones 54.38
2 Chad Redburn HB Hospital 54.87
3 Deb Wruble City of HB 54.97
4 Grant Kadar Active Health Care Svcs 55.06
5 Deb Lemanski Lakeshore Guardian 55.70
6 Brad Semp Corner Store 55.74
7 Bryan Kasserman Cellular One 55.83
8 Matt Esh Corner Store 56.38
9 Greg Semp Corner Store 56.49
10 Gail Roggenbuck H&R Block - HB 57.06

2005 Invitational Standings 

2004 Invitational Final Team Results

Pos Total Score Team Name
1 179.23 Team Comcast
2 198.20 Edward Jones
3 198.34 H. B. Chamber
4 202.15 Corner Store
5 206.64 Lets Go Fishing
6 207.63 L.K Creations
7 208.65 Dow Agro Sciences
8 212.08 Citizens 1st
9 214.45 Esch Landscaping
10 218.10 Lakeshore Guardian
11 230.53 Brennans
12 263.85 Huron County Press
13 272.19 Cellular One
14 299.44 Harbor Drug
15 306.73 City Of Harbor Beach
16 324.62 Wade Trim
17 330.12 H & R Block

 2004 Invitational Top 10

Pos Name Team Name Lap Time
1 Albert Wolschleger Team Comcast 42.53
2 Todd Bastin Citizens 1st 43.78
3 James Pawlowski Team Comcast 44.88
4 Ken Bowers Team Comcast 44.95
5 Brad Wruble Brennans 46.20
6 Dave Grates Edward Jones 46.35
7 Rick Wengren Lets Go Fishing 46.56
8 Jeremy Reinke Team Comcast 46.87
9 Dan Behnke L.K Creations 46.91
10 Pam Semp H. B. Chamber 47.34

 2004 Invitational Standings 

 2003 Invitational Final Team Results

1 Harbor Drug 222.67
2 Team Bud 230.07
3 Wade Trim 236.38
4 Lakeshore Guardian 238.85
5 Harbor Beach Chamber 240.50
6 City of Harbor Beach 240.68
7 LK Creations 242.19
8 Sensient Flavors 244.14
9 Harbor Beach Audio 252.67
10 Canadian Connection 263.02
11 Thumb Cellular 264.40
12 Cellular One 291.45

 2003 Invitational Top 10

1 Albert Wolschegar Harbor Drug 48.32
2 Grant Kadar Team Bud 51.98
3 Scott Pawlowski Harbor Drug 52.16
4 James Pawolski Harbor Drug 52.72
5 Tom Grates City of Harbor Beach 53.95
6 Dan Behnke Harbor Beach Audio 54.06
7 Brad Wruble Wade Trim 54.20
8 Jeff Booms Team Bud 54.37
9 Mariette Kouwenberg Canadian Connection 54.81
10 Derik Eppenbrock City of Harbor Beach 55.04

 2003 Invitational Standings